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Description of MT2007



Technical Specifications

MT2007 is written in C# and requires NET2.0, which can be downloaded from Microsoft's website or from our downloads page. The program itself does not require installation. All you need to do is decompress the RAR file. The archive is slightly over 130MB, because it includes a model of the English language and WordNet database, which are used for text analysis (correct segmentation into sentences, analysis of sentence structure). It also includes a number of dictionaries: "Large English-Russian Dictionary", "Complete English-Russian Dictionary" and several specialized dictionaries. All dictionaries are freeware and were taken from and converted into the MT2007 internal format .

Brief Description

As for now, MT2007 offers the following:

  • Translation Memory
  • Machine Translation (Google online translator)
  • 21 dictionaries, including several specialized ones 
  • Access to Multitran online dictionary from MT2007 interface (
  • Ability to create user segments 
  • Ability to work with tags 

As for now, each project can have only one source file. A project cannot work with several source files. The following formats of source files are supported: MS Word 2007 docx, docm, MS Word 2003 xml files, TMX files. Source files undergo direct parsing. The latest information on the supported formats can be found here: "Supported Formats".

Our "Crash Course", written by Konstantin Lakshin, can help you get started with MT2007. It teaches you the first steps in working with the software and describes the possibilities for automated translation that the software offers.