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MT2007 is a CAT tool (Computer-Assisted Translation) developed for translators.


Initially MT2007 was developed for my personal use. I am a programmer, but sometimes I do translations from English into Russian. Since translation is not my main source of living, there was no point for me in buying an existing CAT system. However, as a developer, I became interested in developing a similar system. The result of my work is MT2007.

The main idea was to develop an easy-to-use software (which you can run and start working with it straight away), but with extensive features. The first task is completed. Of course, this software lacks many features that leading systems have. But there are plans to develop and improve this software further. A special thanks to professional translators, users of the forum TRANSLATORS' WORKSHOP, whose feedback helped me a lot.

If you like this software and want to help its development, you are always welcome to make a small donation to the developer via:

R241963699347 or Z106532601377

or Yandex.Dengi

rub. Yandex.Dengi
account 41001177301326 (MT2007)