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MT2007 components


Here you can download MT2007 and other important files and components


Required components:

Latest updates:

All updates are cumulative. All you need is to unpack the files and replace the existing files with new ones.

Documentation written by MT2007 users:

A Crash Course (in Russian) written by Konstantin Lakshin, can help you get started with MT2007. It teaches you the first steps in working with the software and describes the possibilities for automated translation that the software offers.

The Crash Course (in English). Translated by Sofia Punanova.

Making a repository from translated documents (in Russian), written by Elina Bondarenko. An instruction on how repositories based on previously translated texts (in rtf format) can be made. It covers the process of creating TMX and uploading the data to a repository. The paper describes the way TextAlign and MT2007 work together.

Making a repository from translated documents (in English) Translated by Sofia Punanova. In doc format above or in pdf format.

An article about MT2007 (pdf) which was published in English in an online magazine for translators SlavFile (From Russia with CAT). Written by Konstantin Lakshin. Mirror.


Other Software:

  • File converter for glossaries (XDXF to MT2007 format) XDXF2MT2007 (version
  • TextAlign ( aligns text from source files and translated files and converts the aligned text into TMX files.
  • FictionAnalizer is designed for analyzing literary texts in Russian, although can be also used with non-literary texts. This software searches for the same words or words with the same root in one sentence. All such sentences are compiled into a list. The sentences will be shown in the main window and selected as you scroll through them. You can edit them and save them into a file. Repeating words and roots are color-coded in the in the source text. The same words are highlighted in red and words with the same root are highlighted in blue. You can also analyze pairs of sentences (starting from three pairs).
  • Statistics viewer for MS Word files. Gives statistics for nested folders: characters with/without spaces, words, cost. The data is grouped by files/folders/total. The viewer requires NET 2.0 and MS Word 2003 or later. Such statistical report can be saved as an Excel file.
  • TransWatcher scans a nested folder and displays a list of files that have been modified. It can be used when working on a translation of a large folder with hundreds or thousands of documents in order to check if any files have been skipped during translation (they would be the ones that have not been modified). There are two ways to do the analysis - by the date of modification or by CRC sum.
  • Tag corrector for Word files (xml format). It can be used when tags in document are messed up, for example, after scanning and text recognition.